Common issues in Redmi 8A – How to fix them

Xiaomi is a versatile brand that provides tons of different categories and class phones for a unique user persona. They got fabulous gaming phones to flagship killer devices, but the unique selling point would be their entry-level system. In the vast list, a meager name is known as Redmi 8A is one of the rising stars.

However, a slight margin of users find out the issue during their usages, so we list down some of the common problems occurring in the Redmin 8A. 

Slow and laggy performance

The Snapdragon 439 chipset works sufficient in every condition and provides decent support in day-to-day tasks, plus up to 4GB RAM boost performance. But you will notice some hardship while using multitasking features to a maximum extend. There are scenarios where users find out Slow and laggy performance from Redmi 8A.

It probably happens when the animation content is working slow due to some setbacks. The Xiaomi MIUI handles optimize every aspect precisely if it won’t work accurately! In that case, you can utilize the following tricks. 

  • Reach to setting menu→System→System and check for the relatively new update. 

The next thing you can try out is to go to the developer settings and reduce the animation speed. To do so, follow the given steps.  

  1. Head toward Setting app → System → Tap on build number for few times.
  2. After enabling developer settings, travel to additional Setting → enter into developer options
  3. Swipe up to the bottom and uncheck MIUI Optimization
  4. Now, get back in the developer option and reduce animation speed to 1 to 0.5 for better convenience. 

Even if this trick won’t work out in your case, you can completely reset your device.

  • Settings → My Device → Backup & Reset → Erase all data (factory reset) → Erase all data
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Note- Take a backup before resetting your Redmi 8A!

Redmi 8A overheating

The overheating issue usually didn’t appear in Redmi 8A, except you are using the device for more than 6+ hours continuously. Since the hardware is not designed to provide aid to prolong multitasking processing, there is a slight chance you will notice heat issues.

A majority of Redmi 8A users have reported that their device heats up when they put their phone in charging. Worry not, you can fix this issue by yourself! Try out this method.

  • Put your device on Airplane mode while charging
  • Didn’t use the phone during the charging process
  • Remove the cover to reduce heat expansion

Battery draining issue

The Redmi 8A arrives with a 5000 mAh battery that can stay active for more than a day and a half on a single charge. You can utilize whatsoever gameplay you want. Yet with the latest update, Redmi 8A users find out there is battery drainage. You can fix them by following the method.

  1. Reduce screen time (Settings → Display → Screen time → Set to 15 sec)
  2. Disable Wi-Fi and Internet connection when you are not using the device.
  3. Remove the Face unlock security feature.
  4. Disable Automatically starting apps (Settings → App → Manage App and disable autostart option of individual apps)
  5. Set manual brightness setting

Fast battery drain could result in overheating side effects since it can harm the internal hardware component. It preferred to use the above trick. 

Screen Yellow tint issues

Again, the smartphone offers impressive display features and combo a good grade of customization option. But, some users have noticed a yellow tint color issue on the screen. Hopefully, it can be fixed, so look at the process. 

  1. Setting Menu → Tap on Display option
  2. Enter into the Color Scheme
  3. Change the format auto to the original.

Low speaker volume

You will only get a mono speaker in the Redmi 8A whose output might be standard, but not that exceptional. All you can hope is company release any patch regarding low speaker volume.

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On the other hand, you can utilize root access to boost audio powers. But, we do not recommend you perform that risky process unless you are aware of what you are doing! 

Screen stuck on the dialer

Some users face a bug that freezes dialer apps when trying to make a call, which could be the worst experience in day-to-day usage. For starters, you can reboot your device unless it did not work out properly. Perform a factory reset, yet make sure to take a backup before!

Bad touch response

Redmi 8A IPS LCD panel might face ghost touch issues in normal condition since there are several users who point out this issue on their phones on the dedicated forum. Hopefully, there are few ways to overcome this situation!

  1. Reduce screen time to 1-min to 30-sec.
  2.  Disable Double-tap to wake function
  3. Remove the body cover
  4. Clean screen with a neat and wet cloth
  5. Factory reset device

Poor Wi-Fi and Mobile signal strength

This one is one of the frequently reported issues on the Redmi 8A smartphone because the handset did not get the wireless band feature. Even though the 2.5GHz struggle to provide better connectivity in some cases. 

On the other hand, experience with low mobile signal would deplete the battery faster as the phone will search for a network, again and again. Follow the below instruction to overcome this troubleshoot-

  1. Remove and then Re-insert SIM
  2. Reboot Wi-Fi router and device
  3. Set default value in the APN settings
  4.  Reset network settings:

Redmi 8A camera quality issues

The camera quality is relatively less attractive on Redmi 8A due to its price point structure. Even the primary snapper was not able to deliver the expected result. What the camera setup is lacking is Xiaomi AI software rendering that appears in the high-tier phone.

But, you can enhance photography with GCam; all you need to do is download a suitable Gcam port for Redmi 8A. That all!

  1. Get GCam port compatible with MIUI 11 based Android 10 ecosystem; you will find out here.
  2. Allow installing from third-party option.
  3. Enjoy impressive camera quality on Redmi 8A.
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Want to learn about GCam more; head toward this article!

Can’t set a lock screen wallpaper

This problem has rather a simple solution! But on the online MIUI community, many users rapidly report this issue, So here, take a look at the subtle set by set guide. 

  1. Download the wallpaper that you want to install on the lock screen.
  2. Navigate to settings menu → Select Wallpaper 
  3. Select local photo → Choice, anyone, from the album → Click on OK

Phone turns off on its own

In case, you have to install heavy customization ROMs on your Redmi 8A, it could have a result bootloop. In that case, the phone will automatically turn off. It can be fixed, though.

But if that is not the case, they directly reach out to the service station or ask for a replacement for the retailer. Besides, it is preferable to change the device since it possibly is a factory defect.  

IR Blaster doesn’t work

The IR Blaster helps the Redmi device works as a remote controller for TV and other appliances. But, arguably, all of the devices won’t support IR blaster. If they support disconnect and then again try to pair it. You can also re-install Mi remote controller app and give it a try once again!

Common troubleshooting steps for Redmi 8A

Reset the device to Factory Settings

  1. Take important data backup 
  2. Navigate to the Settings app
  3. Enter into My device
  4. Tap on the Backup & reset.
  5. Press on Erase all data (factory reset)
  6. Confirm to Erase all internal data

Boot the device into Safe Mode

  1. Switch off the phone
  2. In Xiaomi Devicẹ, you have to long-press the Power button till the Xiaomi logo appears, then long-press the volume down button.
  3. To exit, restart the Redmi 8A.

Wipe cache partition

  1. Turn off the phone, press and hold the Power + Volume Up button simultaneously.
  2. Once the logo arrives, let go of the power button and keep holding Volume Up to enter into recovery mode
  3. Use the Volume Down button to reach the Wipe cache partition choice and then tap on the Power button to confirm!

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