Common issues in Nokia 7.2 – How to fix them

The Nokia 7.2 is a decent mid-range smartphone that brings impressive features and a stock android experience. Apart from this, the phone got tons of exciting features that will immerse overall performance. But like usual, few common issues occur while using this device. 

Worry not, as you will get a solution that will help you overcome that dilemma. All you need to do is follow this guide to attain precise answers.

The phone shuts down during charging.

There are several instances where users have found out that whenever they plug phone for charging and automatically, the smartphone crash and turn off. If you are also facing a somewhat similar problem, you can check out the below method!

  1. Use the original charging cable and block to fuel the battery.
  2. Remove protective cases during the process.
  3. Disable network connections such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and the Internet.
  4. Make sure that you have the latest firmware and security patch installed. 
  5. As for the last resort, you can try to reset the device.

Lags and stutters

The Android One UI update comes later than expected; even the monthly security patch rollout is slow. But, with the new update, some of the patches also bring bugs that cause lags and stutters during usage. The best possible way to overcome this situation is to restart your device. However, it doesn’t work out then, follow the below steps.

  • Decrease Animation speed to 1.0 to 0.5 in the developer mode
  • Change the background apps settings from the developer mode
  • Clear the cache of Quickstep launcher by navigating through Settings → App

Ambient display issues

Ambient display is a solution for the IPS LCD panel to showcase always-on-display features like AMOLED panels. However, the most common Nokia 7.2 users face is that the notification is stuck in the notification bar. 

The best method is to reboot the device, while you can also try clearing the cache of Ambient display features by following this easy trail; Settings→ Apps→ All apps→ Show system services → Ambient display.

As for the alternative option, head to the Google App→Assistant settings→Phone and enable Ambient display.

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Google app keeps stopping.

The Google app stopped working, usually seen when you are using voice assistant command. Sometimes feeds didn’t show up. In that case, you clear the cache memory of the Google app; navigate to Settings > Apps > All apps. 

If that didn’t work out, uninstall the latest version and try to re-install the app. But, we have also checked the community post and find out that it could cause by a bug as well. In that situation, you have set the Assistant language and System language the same.

Bad call quality

The terrible call experience could occur due to factory defect hardware. Sometimes it would be the speaker problem or something else. The best option is to replace the device. 

However, you didn’t need to take things seriously if it’s a software issue. All you need to do is reset the network settings and pick a decent network SIM card according to your residential area. 

Touchscreen issues

Touchscreen issue is somehow connected to lags and stutter issues as it showcases a similar problem. Although, here, the touch screen issue could be stretched out, such as the display start working automatically. Either way, it is called Ghost touch. 

Suppose it’s due to the bug! All you need to make sure is that your phone is charged around 50% or above. Besides this, you also try to reset the device and then update it to the latest firmware. Remove back cover to ensure that everything is working fine or not.

Low volume on Bluetooth audio

The most common problem in the mid-range Nokia device like 7.2 is receiving low volume audio experience. Still, when you connect Bluetooth audio, it improves in several folds. However, you are facing low volume on Bluetooth audio, follow the simple trick.

Open developer mode-

  • Settings→System→About Phone
  • Tap on the Build Number a few times
  • Head back to the setting menu, Developer Mode→Scroll down to the network section
  • Turn ON the “Disable absolute volume” choice.

Battery draining fast

Nokia’s recent smartphone has always been a problem: they didn’t provide a suitable screen time. It’s a trade for stock android experience compare to the competition. Anyway, you can fix fast battery draining to an extent by following the below tips.

  •  Set brightness manually instead of using the adaptive brightness feature. 
  • Disable Mobile Data always active trait from the developer mode
  • Remove the face Unlock senor
  • Use Bluetooth and Location option when it’s necessary
  • Turn off Wi-Fi auto scan. 
  • Restrict third-party apps permission
  • Reset the handset to the factory settings
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Bluetooth issues

Bluetooth connectivity issues could occur due to bad network settings or can be the reason due to hardware problems. Users have noticed several on Nokia 7.2 that connecting to the Bluetooth speaker and earphones takes ages. Hopefully, you can do few things regarding this matter. 

  • Restart the device and try to pair once again.
  • Disable other network options such as Wi-Fi, NFC, Mobile data and try to pair it again.
  • Clean cache and data of Bluetooth application 
  • Perform reset network settings ritual

Proximity sensor issue

The Proximity sensor comes out handly in several different ways, whether it’s about making calls or something else. But, usually, users find out that the proximity sensor isn’t working when they are on call. The screen turns off when you put the earpiece near to your face. But when you move slightly away, it didn’t showcase the screen.

The best possible way to fix this problem is via a subtle software update. Although, the one UI is notorious for delayed updates. So, in that case, try to press the Power button to access the screen during calls. 

SD card issues

You will get an SD card allowed in the Nokia 7.2 with a chance to expand the storage limits. Although some users point out that their device couldn’t connect to the external storage unit, or it’s not showing when they have inserted it.

In that situation, you can perform a complete data format process and clean up the SD card. Either do it through the phone itself, or you can go with a PC solution and remove all of the data. 

Nokia 7.2 not ringing

The One UI is several bugs and problems in the previous-gen interface. Hopefully, most concerning bugs issues have been sort out in the latest update. Although some users said, they couldn’t hear the call ring even though the volume is max out.  

If you are facing this issue in the incoming calls, update to the latest firmware. On the other hand, you have enabled the do not disturb settings, so disable that while performing the phone app’s cache and data cleaning process. 

Camera hangs

The native camera quality is far superior to the usual Chinese brand camera quality, and you will get natural exposure and dark color rendering. Besides that, image processing is also sound—however, they’re an instance where the camera hangs and doesn’t shot the photos and videos correctly.

In that case, you have to clear up the cache and data of the camera app, but even then, you are facing a similar issue. It would be great to shift to Gcam ports as they provide better image processing and enhance quality in multiple folds. 

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Display issues

The adaptive dark to gray features of the screen sometimes didn’t work correctly in the HMD devices. Users have a point that the grey screen didn’t turn black when they enter the indoors, in case users use the dark theme. 

Screen issues can fix it by turning off the adaptive brightness features and also disable the Pure Display feature from the Display settings. From these methods, you will overcome that issue precisely.

Notification LED not working with 3rd-party apps.

There are two cases when the notification LED didn’t work for third-party apps; the first could be that you didn’t enable that setting for the particular app. Secondly, it may be a bug that is causing the issue. In this situation, restart your device or wait for the next major update. 

To enable notification LED for a specific app, follow this method:

  • Enter into the Settings App
  • Pick up the Apps options
  • Then open the Notification option.
  • Select the app, go to advanced settings
  • Enable Notification LED

If you face delayed notification LED response, try to customize settings to hide sensitive content on the lock screen. As the byproduct, it will trigger the notification LED whenever any message pop-ups. 

Hissing sounds from the main speaker.

Hissing sound or, in other words, the static sound issue appears when the Nokia 7.2 battery life is below 20%, which some users report. If you notice this problem frequently, visiting the nearest Nokia service center is the best course of action.

Most common troubleshooting steps for the Nokia 7.2

Hard-reset the device

Long press the Volume Up and Power button to reboot the device.

Access Developer options

  • Lead the way to the Setting App
  • Scroll down the System
  • Tap on the About Phone option
  • Press the build number a few times to get developer mode access

Reset Network Settings

  • Open Setting App
  • Enter into the System
  • Tap on Reset options
  • Press the Reset Wi-Fi, mobile & Bluetooth choice
  • Confirm it once again

Boot in Safe Mode

  • Press the Power button
  • Long press Turn off power option
  • A pop of boot in Safe Mode appears on the screen
  • Tap on Yes to continue
  • Restart the device to come out from the safe mode. 

Reset to factory settings

  • Take a backup of your data
  • Settings→System→Reset Options
  • Select Erase all data (factory reset)
  • Tap on the confirm bar.

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