Common issues in Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra – How to fix them

The Samsung Flagships smartphone is knowns as the best in the class and features. Besides that, you won’t face too much difficultly in keeping up with the awesome tweaks. Yet, there are some rumors and issues that you could see in the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra.

You might have been frustrated by those issues sometimes, Isn’t that right? The below guide cover-up is up essential to advance level problems to fix the problems from the roots. So without any further ado, let’s the problems as well as their solution!

Samsung S21 Ultra Overheating issues

In the early report from the XDA forum, users have seen overheating even they are doing minimum multitasking. Some users are also disturbed that they can’t use the camera mode due to heating issues. If you face a problem similar to this, avoid using your phone while charging and avoiding overnight charging. As for the last resort, go for the replacement!

The camera quality is hit or miss

This one is a bit technical or, in other words, happens due to half-backed software, and as a result, you won’t be able to experience top-notch level photography. The best option, in that case, is you can wait for the upcoming update to see whether the quality is improved or not!

Faster Battery drain problem

It’s no doubt that the Samsung S21 series battery life is improved compared to the previous gen. Although they have found out low battery life in some user’s cases, maybe it’s due to excessive use of the high-end features or due to any other technical issues. You can fix this problem by following the battery-saving methods.

  1. Reduce refresh rate to 60 Hz.
  2. Disable Always on Display setting
  3. Adjust screen resolution a little less
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Ghost touch issues

In some specific cases, you might be using the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra for a long duration, and you somehow accidentally press on the screen that you didn’t want. Hopefully, in this smartphone case, you can decrease the probability of ghost touch. For that, follow the below instructions.

  1. Head to the setting menu.
  2. Open up the Display section.
  3. Enable Accidental Touch Protection toggle option.

Bluetooth devices not connecting properly

Even if you buy a premium flagship smartphone, you will notice Bluetooth hiccups here and there; sometimes, it happens! So, just turn off and on the Bluetooth toggle. You can also clean the cache to do so follow below.

  1. Enter into the setting application
  2. Scroll and tap on the Apps option
  3. Look for the Bluetooth, tap on it
  4. Click Clear Cache.

Samsung Pay is not working

The Samsung pay service precisely works in the US, UK, and European regions without any specific issues. But, if you face some problem or the app is not working, it could be remarkable to check out the Samsung community thread to solve your problem. And as for pro advice, don’t change your device CSC since it can trigger a warranty violation. So the best option is to go to the nearest Samsung service center or query about it through the online team.

If you have a device in which the SIM removable, you can also try out this method.

  1. Turn off WiFi.
  2. Remove SIM.
  3. Power Off (not reboot).
  4. Insert SIM.
  5. Power On.
  6. Enter Pin Code.

Didn’t receive the latest software update

This issue causes incorrect CSC implementation, and the CSC stands for code that enables certain features according to your region, country, or current location. So, it would be excellent to visit Samsung online team! Because you can get a better solution there.

  1. Send Model code
  2. Service provider SW version (About Phone > Software > Service provider SW version)
  3. Retailer Details
  4. Network operator details
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