Common issues in Moto G9 series – How to fix them

The Motorola G lineup is known for its mid-range devices, and recently, the G9 series smartphone is rocking in the worldwide market. They got a beast-like G9 Power, advanced features G9 Plus, and standard usage G9 Play. 

All of them stand out in their own attributes and showcase the actual quality of Motorola. Besides that, you will also achieve an extended storage option with a clean Android experience. But, if you are facing some issues while using one of these phones, this guide will provide you subtle answers. 

Yet, on the other hand, I would like to clarify that it doesn’t mean all those devices will have the following issues. Plus, please don’t take this article when considering buying one of the G9 series products, As all these issues individually happen to users. So, Do Not think of these issues as flaws.

Lags and stutters on low battery

This issue kicks in when the phone is under 20% and when the phone is in the battery savers mode. Due to this reason, the CPU activities are minimized to some extent; thus, in some cases, it starts showing lags and stutters.

  • Close then Re-enable the battery saver mode.
  • Restart the device in safe mode
  • Lower the Window Animation Scale in the Developer mode
  • Limit the background apps usage
  • Factor reset all the settings.

Slow internet speed and Wi-Fi are disconnecting.

It could possibly happen due to the low transmit of the signal waves and can be crucial if you are doing your work online. So here the checklist to overcome this situation.

  • Reboot smartphone and router
  • Forget the network and try connecting again.
  • Boot into safe mode
  • Disable mobile data and Bluetooth
  • Reset network setup
  • Factory reset the device
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Moto G9 Plus Camera issues

The camera issues are heavily reported on different forums, and it’s pretty obvious since the camera tech and software are lacking in some vital departments. You can install a Gcam port to enhance the quality, while we can only expect everything will improve in the next major update.

GPS issues on Moto G9

This thing can disturb your experience while you are on a trip. Usually, the GPS lost track of the location. The best thing you can do is to look out for third-party alternatives such as a GPS tester to see the signal strength, but it would be great to send an email to Motorola support regarding this issue.

No battery percentage in the Status bar

In a general case, you won’t notice the battery percentage stats in the status bar because of the pre-install default settings. But, you change those settings to see the percentage every time. 

  1. Head to the setting menu
  2. Tap on the Battery section
  3. Allow the Battery percentage option

Battery depletes quickly

Battery capacity in the Moto G9 series varies from 5000 to 6000 mAh juice. Yet even having more giant cells didn’t help in battery longevity. In some cases, users have complained about faster battery depletion in day-to-day usage. Here are few tips you can try out to prolong screen time.

  • You can use apps like Greenify to manifest more battery life.
  • Kill less important background apps whenever you notice.
  • Choose the best band service according to your area since constant signal hiccups can lead to battery exhaustion.
  • Turn off the adaptive brightness feature and manage it manually.
  • Disable Bluetooth and location whenever they are not in need.
  • A complete factory reset to your device. 
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Power Button doesn’t work.

Users have found difficulty pressing the power button, and you have to press the power button hard to open up the device. But in some cases, that didn’t even work. So it would be great to replace the handset and hope that the next one didn’t have the same problem. Make sure to contact the seller before handly to get the return faster. 

Distorted speaker sound

All of the Moto G9 series devices have single loudspeakers, no dual stereo speakers. The output is expected, but resetting the device is a good choice if you face distortion in higher volumes. But if that’s an inbuilt mistake, then the last resort is to replace it till the phone is in warranty. 

Ghost touch

Some users point out that they have notice automatic touch on the screen, and it could be possible due to a faulty panel or GSM radio module causing issues. In both cases, it will affect the screen. You can usually try the restart or reset process, but replacing the device is the option if you see that stuff frequently. 

Screen rotation issues

There are times when you need to use the phone vertically, but if the auto screen rotation toggle is on, you might face some issues. In the worst-case scenario, the screen sticks the landscape mode for few minutes. To overcome these issues, lock the auto-rotation option. Or, if it’s looking severe and the lock is not working, replace your device.

Google Backup is not working out.

If you cannot take Google backup or the backup option is grayed out, it could be due to a bug. In this situation, you have to remove all the security pin, codes, and patterns from your device and try to take the cloud backup. Afterward, you can reimplement those settings. 

Video playback lags issue

All the lag issues can be penetrated through the third solution, but if you are noticing the problem only in the video playback apps, try to clean the cache of that app. As from the reports, it usually happens when you play local videos on the VLC player. 

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High screen brightness after unlocking the device

The adaptive brightness software reads the surround and provides the aptest result to the screen. You can change auto-brightness to manual or go to techie way enter *#*#2486#*#* in the dialer. It will open up the ambient sensor setting, calibrate it. 

Low volume in recordings and calls

There are some cases where users find out the volume output is relatively low in calls and recording. The best way to fix this issue to make sure you update your device to the latest version since it’s reported that with the new update, this bug can be resolved. 

Additional troubleshooting steps for Moto G9 devices

Developer mode

  1. Settings → System → About Phone
  2. Tap on Build number multiple times, and boom, you have unlocked developer settings. 
  3. Now, revisit the setting menu. At the bottom, you will find developer mode.

Safe Mode

  1. Tap and hold the power button to open up the power menu
  2. You have to press the power turn-off icon and then save it until you reach Safe Mode.
  3. Afterward, hit OK!
  4. Reboot your device to come out from the Safe Mode. 

Resetting device

Note-  You need to know that you can’t restore your previously installed media and app data once you perform the factory reset. So take Cloud as well as physical backup!

  1. Settings → System → Backup. 
  2. The second option is to copy your all media library data on a PC; you can also use Google Photos. Except, you have to remember the Google ID password.
  3. Then Settings → System → Advance → Tap on Reset option.
  4.  Press on Erase all data (in other words, Factory reset)
  5. After a while, a reboot process takes place, and then everything starts from the origin point. 

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