How to Fix App Not Installed Error on Android

Android is the most employed operating system nowadays, and almost all the technical gadgets are working on the Android OS! Either if it’s a Smartphone, Watch, Smart TV, Tablet, or even Refrigerators.

Technology is on the edge of the world, and Android is its backbone! So today, we’re here solving one of the most certain troubles of all the Android Smartphone users, restricting them to use third-party applications.

Yeah, You thought proper! We’re here for the ‘App Not Installed Error‘ on the Android smartphones for the non-store apps. Last few days, we got lots of comments from the Android enthusiast about this problem, and even I also have faced this issue lots of times! But finally, I’ve got all the resolutions on the Internet and applied them all on my own Smartphone.

Moreover, I also have listed these steps below so that you can simply apply them and enjoy the third-party features conveniently! So Go on, and enjoy this beneficial article.

What Cause App Not Installed issue?

We’ve practiced almost all the intelligent devices launched till the date, then even if it’s a bar phone, cell phone, or the leading one, Smartphone! Old days were simplistic when we had a Java-OS-based Smartphone, and we were free to install any application conveniently, like without changing any internal Settings. But Android Smartphones are way more tricky than those bar phones.

Still, we can’t point our finger at Android Smartphone, as this device has provided us hundreds of benefits and made most of our complex tasks simplistic. So we’re ready to bear its trickiness! Now, If You’re also using Android Smartphone and facing this difficulty named the ‘App Not Installed’ issue, it’s a substantial obstacle that can happen because of so many mistakes. So we’ve listed most of the legit and specific problems below, causing ‘App Not Installed Error – 

Downloading Corrupted Third-Party Apps

App Not Installed is a third-party installation error, which doesn’t occur while downloading the official Play Store apps. It’s a legit mistake that happens most of the time, mistakenly! Suppose that You’ve downloaded that third-party app from a website containing a corrupted file or having a smaller size than the official Play Store’s version! It may happen because of having lack of a few app codes or having some data missing inside. So always download apps from trusted websites and stores.

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App does not satisfy your Smartphone’s Compatibility

It’s also one of the majorly happened mistakes that pushes us towards the ‘APP NOT INSTALLED‘ error! Primarily, there are thousands of Android smartphone models on our planet, all containing a distinct processor, operating system, and RAM/ROM. Suppose you’re using an Android Kitkat or 4.4 version and have downloaded the most current Android application like Kite Zerodha compatible with Android 5.0 or above! In that case, You’ll majorly observe this error!

Low Storage Problem

Storage also causes the ‘App Not Installed‘ error sometimes. Most of the time, we don’t follow our device storage before installing an application and still install after having low storage. All the apps nowadays hold hundreds of Megabytes, a considerable size compared to a 16 or 32GB smartphone. So please look for the storage size first before installing the app, causing an App Not Installed error!

Deficient Permissions

Permissions are fundamentally the allowances provided to the Android application, software, and system to tweak with the Smartphone. So If You’re facing the ‘App Not Installed‘ error, there is a possibility that you didn’t have provided permissions to the app installer. Watch If You’re using a third-party app installer, or even if you’re using the default Package Installer, open its settings and check for all the permissions. If they are disabled, Enable them all first!

Methods to Fix App Not Installed Error

Now, as we’ve covered all the significant troubles that form this error, named ‘App Not Installed.‘ It became more accessible to get rid of this problem and become convenient using the modified third-party application without any error interruption. Now You only need to follow all the below steps one by one, and afterward, you’ll 100% get access to install any third-party app on your Android smartphone.

1. Resetting the app preferences

Sometimes the app installer protocol gets disabled, or some of its permissions get disabled, and it would be the most crucial factor that you are unable to install any third-party Android app. It’s simply hard to find unique preferences, so that’s why you need to follow the below steps – 

  • Open Settings App.
  • Search for the App Settings.
  • Afterward, tap the All Apps tab, which will list both system and third-party apps on the screen.
  • Now You’ll observe a three-dot sub-setting icon on the top-right corner of the screen. Tap it!
  • Click the Reset App Preferences tab.
  • Now You need to click the reset button, which will disable all the last tweaks that occurred with apps, like disabled permissions, disabled notifications, and background data restrictions.
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If still, you’re getting the same trouble, follow the next step below!

2. Disabling Google Play protect

Google Play Protect is the same thing as the Windows Defender on your PC, which forbids a few software to be installed. Fundamentally, Google has implemented a few source terms, according to which you can’t install the third-party apps, covering different codes than official Play Store apps. Disable it ASAP with the below steps – 

  • Open Google Play Store
  • Click the top-right cornered Profile Icon with your photo.
  • Tap the Play Protect Tab
  • Click on the top-right cornered Settings icon.
  • Disable the toggle, named Scan Apps with Play Protect.

Try once again installing the app! What, still not getting installed? Try the next step, or enjoy the app if got installed!

3. Use an app for bundles installation

Android apps are bundled with numerous extensions, making it hard to install them with the official Package Installer. Well, It’s cool with the Play Store application since you can simply install them without using any third-party installer. But with the extension carrying apps, You need an external Package installer.

You can use Split APKs Installer to make your task easy(Installing the extension apps)! Or You can also look at all the steps provided on the blog where you got that app. There are many extensions like XAPK, APKM, and APKS, or simply different from the original APK file. So You need a separate installer, as described on the app-download page, like APKMirror’s official app installer.

So Visit that website again and search for the installation process. Afterward, Download either the Split APKs Installer or any provided App Installer on that website!

4. Not enough storage

Storage can also interrupt you while installing a third-party application. Basically, Android apps display just a few Megabytes of size and majorly hold tremendous data. So All You need is to check for your device storage before installing them. 

It’s a simple task where you’re only required to visit the Settings page, where you’ll get the Storage tab. There You can check your device’s remaining storage. If it’s vacant, everything is fine, but if having low storage, delete some unwanted files!

5. Unknown source installation

Unknown Source Installation is Android permission! We all know that Android is a Google-owned OS, and consequently, we can’t install any third-party application downloaded from an unknown source without permitting our device. So If You’ve downloaded any Android application from a different website, except Google Play Store, Follow all the below steps, and enable that permission first – 

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Please search for the Securities tab, and Click it!
  • Search for the Unknown Sources or Third-Paty Installation toggle.
  • Enable that toggle directly by tapping it!
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Now You’ve successfully permitted your Smartphone to download any app from any source freely. Go back and Install the app again!

6. Check if the APK file isn’t corrupted or incomplete 

Do You know the APK files can also get corrupted due to having incomplete data? Google Play Store only allows non-corrupted or safe applications to get listed there. Still, if you’re using an unofficial blog or website to download that application, there is a possibility that your APK file can be corrupted. 

Incorrect codes can corrupt your app, and some of the modification developers mistakenly upload the corrupted files. So must get stick to the official App Stores or some trusted app container blogs like APKMirror, and UptoDown! Or Still, If You’re getting the same error, You can go through the following procedure, which will surely help you!

7. Don’t update, do a clean install

Are You installing the update for your application that is already installed on your Smartphone? If Yes, then it can be the trouble interrupting you between installing your favorite application. Primarily, Google Play Store is the only protocol to update the Android apps without App Not Installed error. But while installing an already installed app or updating it via practical installation, it’s hard to get seated!

Don’t worry more about it since all you need is to uninstall the old app first and make the clean update install! Updating the installed application with the default installation process won’t hold your current data; skip that process, and uninstall the app. Now start installing the APK file you’ve got from your resource! This process will surely help you install your desired app without the ‘App Not Installed‘ error.


Android OS is the globally most used Operating system! Nowadays, we get Android OS in almost all our smart devices, then either a smartphone, Smart TV, Smart Watch, Tablets, and a few laptops. So We finally have learned to live with Android. But still, there are a few drawbacks inside Android that annoy us employing all its capabilities.

If You also have got any such problems, You can comment them below, and we’ll resolve them ASAP. As of today, we’ve provided above the entire procedure to solve the ‘App Not Installed‘ error on Android smartphones while installing third-party apps. So follow all the above steps, and it’ll surely help you get out of the specific problem!

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